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""Participating in this challenge, although some days were easier than others, gave me balance. It gave me ‘control’ and organization and a sense of accomplishment which I haven’t felt in a very long time. Mentally, I knew what I had to do to get myself to a better place to be a better mom, to be a better wife, and ultimately, to be the best version of me. I just didn’t know where to start and this challenge has given me those tools. I have more energy, more confidence in myself and my abilities, and I feel amazing. I'm proud to share that I lost 14 pounds and 20 inches in 28 days!!

The biggest improvement I've seen over the past 28 days is most definitely, our level of communication as a couple. We have four very active boys, add Steve has an insane inconsistent work schedule which does makes for very stressful times. He was out of town for 18 of the 28 days. BUT, we did it!!! Even with Steve travelling so much, we just always made the time to talk, plan, shop, and cook together. This is something we will most definitely keep up even though the challenge has officially ended." 
- Kelli Bursey
"I successful lost 32 pounds and 18 inches in 28 Days!!! Overall my health has dramatically improved and I now have the energy to play and keep up with our four boys. As a couple during this process we planned our meals together. We held each other accountability to our daily workouts and sent each other daily selfie's just to say we did it. We have a more positive outlook on where we are going and are finally on the same page on how to get there."
- Steve Bursey